Let’s talk about what we’ve been listening to, shall we?

I’ve been listening to Lana Del Rey’s album Born to Die fairly regularly as of late. I heard the song “Radio” on Pandora and instantly loved it. I was able to forgive Pandora for three and a half minutes for insisting that I must like the Red Hot Chili Peppers (no). Say what you want about Lana Del Rey, I enjoy her.

About a month ago we took our record player out of our room and put it into the baby’s room. Needless to say, it has gotten way more use since we moved it. The baby really seems to enjoy it. She’s an expert at adjusting the volume (turning it way up and then way down) and flipping through the radio stations.  She is also an expert at the on/off switch. I like to play records for her while she plays. I use records with children because records are big and children can actually see them work; plus, the album artwork is bigger and easier for them to see. The baby loves to pick up records and look at the artwork. It’s probably any record collector’s nightmare to have a sixteen-month-old handle records, but they’re mine. I’m okay with it. As a general rule she can explore the thrift shop records with supervision. My newer, non-thrifted  records are off limits (sort of), and she’s not allowed near Dennis’ records at all.

I’ve been playing her songs off of Kate Bush’s The Whole Story album lately. One day she was crying and I put on “Army Dreamers” for her. She stopped crying and just stared at the record player for most of the song. Ever since then I’ve begun to play it more and more for her. When I put it on she either claps or she’ll stand in front of the record player and sway.

I’ve also been playing another Kate Bush song called “Wow” for the baby. She seems to really like that one as well. “Wow” is has been in her vocabulary for awhile now, so I thought that it would be appropriate. I played it a few times in a row for her. She seemed to really like it. I even heard her going “wowowowowowowow” while the song was playing.  She also likes looking at the album cover. It’s a gatefold cover and it opens like a book. I think that’s why she likes it so much.

Dennis has been listening to pod casts lately. He’s been enjoying the Slate Political Gab Fest as of late. I don’t know if you could gather from the title, but’s it’s a gab fast that pertains to politics. It’s a gab fest that usually goes on when I’m not in the room.

That is all for now!

Until next time,


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