The holidays are officially upon us. Of course, this year, retailers really wanted Christmas to be before Halloween, but they’ve yet to be able to alter that pesky thing we all know as the calendar.

Our main tree is up, though not decorated yet, and we’ve yet to be able to find the time to decorate the studio. I suspect over the course of the next week or so we’ll manage to pull some time out of our asses to get our holiday on and get our holiday cards started and sent out.

Popcorn Garland

For us, prepping for the holidays usually consists of a lot of making. Making garlands, baking bread, and assorted sweets, whipping up some home made marshmallows and, at some point, getting the people that we know and love gifts.

We try to think of our holiday cards pretty far in advance, and we do in fact think about them. Unfortunately every year Thanksgiving rolls around and we haven’t even really brainstormed what we want to do. This year is no exception!

  • Holiday Card 2011

  • Blondie making a break for it

  • Holiday Card 2011

  • Freshly baked bread boule

This year, I think we’ll be taking a small hiatus from the normally massive amounts of baking and cooking that we do and will instead be selling our items at some local shops, putting on some workshops and demonstrations, and participating in some holiday bazaars. You can find us in the following places:
—December 1: Holiday Craftacular in Hamden at The Space. (RSVP on Facebook)
—December 8: Upcycled book workshop at Sugarplum USA. (RSVP on Facebook)
—December 15 (afternoon):Paper Arts Quilling demonstration at Sugarplum USA. (RSVP on Facebook)
—December 15 (evening): Holiday Arts Boutique at The Funky Monkey in Cheshire. (RSVP on Facebook)

What do you do to celebrate and prepare for the holidays?

Leave us a comment below! —Dennis

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