Hello there! It is yet again Tuesday, and yet again, there are more tunes to share. We are fresh from vending at the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn this weekend and we are feeling good!  We have decided to take a new path with our little polar bear selves and it was a success! We are going through some pretty major changes in our focus, but we are excited for the future of Kleiner Eisbar. Dennis has been busy acquiring some new skills and we’ve been really inspired lately. I won’t say much for now, since I don’t have the photos to back up my words. Besides, who likes to read walls of text?  As usual, the problem is time. With the both of us working full time jobs (and one of us with a seasonal part time job), and taking care of a toddler time isn’t always on our side. So, if I can’t provide you with complete updates, I’m just going to continue providing the tunes. Something has to fuel this blog in the meantime, so let it be fueled by music.

Love Vigilantes- New Order 

It’s been a very New Order-y week. I’ve had to rotate some of the records that the baby has access to because quite frankly, I’m getting tired of the ones that she keeps picking up. She’s picked up Low-Life  a couple of times. She’ll dance a little bit to it, which is always a funny. When we were in Brooklyn this weekend I must have uttered the words “This reminds me of New Order!” several times to Dennis. We heard lots of music in passing (and through the floors) of the hotel we stayed in, as well as at Renegade. I have always loved this song.

My Name Is Jonas- Weezer

I’ve been listening to Weezer’s first two albums a lot lately. Sometimes I just can’t get over how good they are. And lately, I can’t get over the fact that next year it will be twenty years since The Blue Album was released. That means twenty years ago, I bought that cassette tape when it first came out. It’s bizarre, but really kind of cool in my opinion. I still have that tape. Well, not the tape. That tape was worn out from playing the hell out of it, as was the second and third copies. Thankfully at the time, there was a music store that would give you a new copy of a tape or CD if it was damaged (The Wall anyone?). You just had to have their Lifetime Guarantee sticker on the case and you can wear out your tapes all day and night. Dennis and I have different opinions over the later parts of Weezer’s discography, but I still hold that this album and Pinkerton are hands down the best.

Speaking of Pinkerton, I remember watching a lot of PBS when I was in eighth grade. One day, they showed Madame Butterfly. Not knowing anything about it or opera in general, I watched it instead of going out to play. I was made fun of for doing so, but hey, sometimes what PBS brings to the table is more important. Fast forward to later in the year when I waiting in agony for the release date of Pinkerton. I got that tape (and wore it out a few times as well), and I got the references to Madame Butterfly. I was excited.

On another Weezer related note, I remember sitting in the DMV waiting to get my license with my dad. I looked in front of me, reading the digital ticker rattling off various news stories. I don’t remember any of the stories, but I remember the boy that was sitting next to me looked like Rivers Cuomo (circa “Undone (The Sweater Song)” video) and I about died. On the other side me was my dad, wearing his Three Stooges t-shirt. So needless to say, I had to internalize my teenage freak out, be okay with the fact that I wasn’t making friends with that boy (ever), and go take my driver’s license test.