We’ve been pretty busy lately making some changes to the Kleiner Eisbar landscape. Dennis has been really busy designing, learning a new skill, and pulling things out of his sleeves. He almost exclusively wears short sleeves, but I assure you that he’s got a lot up there! We’re both really excited for the changes and we hope to unveil them soon! In the meantime, since it’s Tuesday that means I’m going to share some tunes.


Plastic Cup- Low

I’ve been playing this a lot the past couple of days. The song is so pretty, and yet so bitter and angry. The video is also well done. It’s pretty and strange. It’s a simple and well written song that clocks in at about three minutes. And you know what? I am somewhat convinced that the best songs are the shortest songs.

Pocket Calculator (live)- Kraftwerk

I wasn’t alive for this (almost, but not quite), but I wish I could have seen this. I’ve been watching a lot of Kraftwerk videos over last week and I never get tired of this one.

That’s all for now!