It’s not often that a book catches your nose, but The Night Life of Trees is one such book and it is one of my favorites.

The Night Life of Trees end sheets

The Night Life of Trees is one of those rare books in the wild that is  made completely by hand. The paper is deep black and finely textured. Each page is silkscreened by hand with vibrant inks yielding page after page of unique pieces of art. The ink lends the book a wonderful smell that only hand printed items can have.

A page from The Night Life of Trees

The prints are then bound together in (my only complaint) an oversewn binding. Oversewn bindings are very strong and durable, but at a cost. By punching holes through the pages, the book cannot open completely flat and has a  gutter of unusable space between pages. Oversewn books that need rebinding in the future will then need this gutter cut off which is unnecessarily destructive.

The Night Life of Trees Book Cover

Below is a video from the book’s publisher, Tara Books, on how each page is printed and the book bound. The quality is terrible, but you still get an idea of the amount of craftsmanship and pride that goes into the making of each book.

I believe the book is in its seventh printing and you can find their books online at Tara Books.