This year we have decided to take some risks and do some bigger craft shows/fairs. Sometimes risks are easier to take when you are sharing the risk with someone. In this case, we took the trek to Renegade Craft in Brooklyn (because Chicago and LA are pretty far away) with Sami of Poor & Pretty fame.  This year, Renegade took place on June 22-23rd in East River State Park.

Our chalkboard sign for the tent at Renegade.

This was the chalkboard sign that I made for our tent upon Sami’s request. I did my best teacher writing on part of it. I brought some chalk pastels with me when I couldn’t find any chalk that morning. Chalk pastels are way better for this sort of thing than regular chalk. The colors are brighter and they write much smoother.

Dennis at Renegade

This is Dennis at our very sad looking table. At this point, we were still kind of setting up. We had a very trying time getting our stuff from the van to our set up spot. We all learned that hand trucks are a must. Because when you are walking up and down four blocks with your crap in the sun (at that point, it’s all crap) it takes a long time and it sucks. Lesson learned. Moving on!  We are still trying to perfect our spaces for shows and fairs. Each one is a learning curve and we are still trying to find our footing. Our table did end up looking better, but I had failed to get another picture.

New shirts at Renegade!

This is a close up of some of our new products. As you can probably tell, these are not books. As mentioned before briefly on this blog, we have decided to go a different route with our creative endeavors. We are in a different place from when we first began in 2011. We started our business with books because it was what we were interested in at the time. We had become known as the “book people”, which was fine for awhile. I never really identified with being one half of the “book people”, and I know that Dennis was looking for a change as well. We had been interested in doing some screen printing for quite some time. Dennis was fortunate to land himself a job where he could pick up some skills in that area. Dennis also had an interest in design and has been teaching himself  Adobe Illustrator. We came up with the idea to screen print prints first, and then apparel. While this seems like a completely different jump from books, in our minds it’s just a natural progression. Our main focus will be on infants, toddlers, and children, but we will do some products for adults as well. This new focus also allows for myself to have a more inclusive part in the creative process, as I will be able to come up with more handmade creations that will actually fit with the new direction. It’s all new, and we are very happy so far with everything.

Don’t worry, we haven’t abandoned books completely. Bookmaking will always have a special place with us and it will pop up from time to time. Moving on!

Sami of Poor & Pretty at Renegade

Here’s our tent mate, Sami, in all of her Poor & Pretty glory.


The Renegade Craft Fair was probably the best craft fair experience that we have had thus far. The vendors were awesome, the products they brought were top notch, and it was just a pleasant experience overall. Yeah, we had some hiccups with getting our stuff set up, but it was all well worth it. Besides, we might be able to laugh about it at some point in the future. If you ever have a chance to go to Renegade either as vendor or just to hang out for the day, I would highly recommend it! My only regret was not taking more pictures. Sometimes, you just have to live in the moment and just enjoy the experience. It doesn’t make for a good blog post, but it made for a nice time!

Graffiti in Brooklyn

I love going to cities and seeing artwork and graffiti everywhere. Brooklyn was no exception. I was lucky to get a photo of this graffiti while we were stopped at a stoplight. I wish I had more time to take more photos from the car! Sami and I even saw some yarn bombing on a street (with no camera of course!).

Christmas garland in June

Christmas in June! This was across the street from our hotel in Brooklyn.

A city cat.

And because we are those people (“Oh my god there’s a kitty! Take a picture!”), I will leave you with this photo of a cat, doing his/her thing up above.

Until next time!