Happy Election Day!

We hope that you have taken the time out of your schedule to vote today.

If you’ve voted today (or early if you live in an early voting state) then awesome! Good for you! If you haven’t voted, then booo.

To thank those of you who have exercised your right to vote and done your civic duty as some might say, we are offering $5 off your order.

How This Works

Basically, send us a photo of you with your “I voted” sticker with a big thumbs up. You can email this to us at hello@kleinereisbar.com or you can post it to our Facebook wall. After we receive your photo, we’ll send you a code or coupon that you can use in person or online to save $5 as a thank you.

Bonus points if the photo is at your polling place, though cameras aren’t always allowed.

This operates on the Honor System, so don’t try to take advantage even if you didn’t vote. We’re not going to check public records to verify or anything, but really what’s the sense in lying about voting, right?

We’ll have to limit this to one offer per household, too.

Here’s a larger version of the illustration from yesterday. For those of you youngins, this is how we used to use apps and listen to music. For the rest of you, tell us a fun story or memory about floppy disks and cassette tapes. I happen to remember this one Choose-Your-Own-Adventure that I used to play off of a floppy on some old IBM DOS computer. Good times.

Abandoned Media Flag by Kleiner Eisbar

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