This weekend we participated in a wonderful event at Hartford City Hall after spending the day exploring Manchester for Record Store Day and some clothes shopping. In addition to some Spring and Summer clothes, we picked up a fantastic record of White Stripes Lullabies, that Sophie loves.

In support of Earth Day, the Trashion Fashion show highlighted outfits made completely out of materials that might otherwise have ended up in a landfill. Some of the outfits were absolutely crazy how well they looked and, yes, some looked like plastic bags stuck together. Up above the fashion show, local businesses were present selling all kinds of handmade items, like jewelry, soaps, paper ephemera, clothing, and—of course—books! There were also green-centric businesses that, honestly, I didn’t pay much attention to. The proceeds from the event went toward scholarships for children attending a local school program.

We got a little lost in our state’s capitol, but we eventually found our way. Why nobody told us City Hall was next to Calder’s amazing Stegosaurus, is beyond me. This gave us the perfect opportunity to complete a yearly tradition: taking Krissy’s photo next to one of her favorite pieces of artwork.

Krissy underneath Stegosaurus

The event made for some fascinating people-watching. It’s not often that you see people wearing outfits that can only be described as Golddust-esque, or wearing an awesome sport coat made out of artificial turf.

Blazer made out of artificial turf

There were also some Wild Samis spotted at the Poor and Pretty table.

Sami from Poor & Pretty

To thank all of the people who made the event possible, we provided samples of our handmade soap. Krissy was a little sad that we couldn’t keep it all to ourselves or give it away to friends and family, but we can always make more! I spent most of Friday stamping and packaging up fifty samples of soap. The baby tried to help by tearing up the packing paper, but I didn’t have the heart to tell her that she wasn’t exactly helping, per se.

Handmade Soap Samples

City Hall was decked out in some awesome upcycled sculptures for the event. There were tons of trees made out of paper, cardboard, and twine crafted by a local artist. Each tree was different, and some even had little surprise critters on them, like cats (!) and squirrels (!!). It’s pretty amazing how well trees could be recreated with—well—essentially old trees. The meta-ness of the sculptures simply can’t be ignored.

Upcycled Egg Carton Flower Garden

Upcycled Cardboard Tree Cat
Upcycled Paper Squirrel

Upcycled Soda Can Swans

These Swans made out of woven soda cans were genius, but I can’t help but wonder how many times I’d cut myself trying to make them. City Hall was also decked out in about a dozen mobiles, which I will just assume was an ode to Calder’s Connecticut roots, even if none of them resembled a Calder mobile.

Mobile made from an old bike wheel and plastic Easter eggs

The event kicked off with these very talented tap dancers:

Tap Dancers at Hartford, CT City Hall

What will you do to honor Earth Day this year?

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