Coptic Bookbinding Workshop at NVCC is a rousing success!

A Little Library Invasion

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See what happens when a public library invites us to do our thing. So, we’re a little behind on things. When life gets going, you have no choice but to lace up your shoes (or slip them on or Velcro them) and go along with it. Such is the case these days. Now with that [...]

Block Printing Beyond the Green: A Collaboration between Kleiner Eisbar and Stephanie Hurst

Beyond the Green: A Handbound, Handprinted Project

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Presenting a Unique Collaboration Between Printmaker and Bookbinder. We have exciting news! The Details Fun Facts Each of the forty-five books will be signed and numbered. A total of 1080 pages will be printed, plus the covers. Coptic bindings were probably the first binding when books went from scrolls to codices. Coptic Binding Just About [...]

The Night Life of Trees

The Night Life of Trees

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It’s not often that a book catches your nose, but The Night Life of Trees is one such book and it is one of my favorites. The Night Life of Trees is one of those rare books in the wild that is  made completely by hand. The paper is deep black and finely textured. Each [...]

Bookbinding as a Hadcraft by Manly Banister

Bookbinding as a Handcraft by Manly Banister: A Book Review

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If you’re anything like me, you like to do things on your own time and at your own pace. I started bookbinding in 2011 because Krissy and I were getting married and needed a guestbook that wasn’t boring and ugly. I’m not one to throw around words like “art” or “artist” and “fine art” practically [...]

Introducing Our Newest Designs

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New Books? You Don’t Say! The Cover Designs The Text Block Designs Cheers! —Dennis Where To Find Them Share This!