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Hello Brooklyn! (Graffiti art)

Renegade Craft Fair: Brooklyn 2013

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This year we have decided to take some risks and do some bigger craft shows/fairs. Sometimes risks are easier to take when you are sharing the risk with someone. In this case, we took the trek to Renegade Craft in Brooklyn (because Chicago and LA are pretty far away) with Sami of Poor & Pretty [...]

Tuesday Tunes

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Tuesday Tunes

Written by krissy, in Music

We’ve been pretty busy lately making some changes to the Kleiner Eisbar landscape. Dennis has been really busy designing, learning a new skill, and pulling things out of his sleeves. He almost exclusively wears short sleeves, but I assure you that he’s got a lot up there! We’re both really excited for the changes and [...]

Tuesday Tunes

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Do you like music? Me too. Here are some tunes for your Tuesday.   “Jungle Drum”- Emiliana Torrini I enjoy this song quite a bit. I got into Emiliana Torrini about thirteen years ago when I heard her album Love in the Time of Science . I really loved that album, and as well as other [...]

Coptic Bookbinding Workshop at NVCC is a rousing success!

A Little Library Invasion

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See what happens when a public library invites us to do our thing. So, we’re a little behind on things. When life gets going, you have no choice but to lace up your shoes (or slip them on or Velcro them) and go along with it. Such is the case these days. Now with that [...]

It’s May!

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Hello, Spring! Why thank you for joining us. I have this bizarre little tradition in which on May first of every year I play this song and giggle like a little boy. So what do you say you join me in this annual tradition of mine? —Dennis The First of May by Jonathan Coulton Share [...]

Succulent in a pot

Happy Earth Day!

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This weekend we participated in a wonderful event at Hartford City Hall after spending the day exploring Manchester for Record Store Day and some clothes shopping. In addition to some Spring and Summer clothes, we picked up a fantastic record of White Stripes Lullabies, that Sophie loves. In support of Earth Day, the Trashion Fashion [...]

Kickstarter Projects We Like

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We’re not uber-wealthy executives, but if we were, we’d back the shit out of these Kickstarters.   A Whale Who Dreamt of a Snail Project Status Nice Laundry Project Status   The Secret Order of the Black Diamond: Orientation Project Status All Photos courtesy of their respective Kickstarter pages. Share This!

Closeup of a loaf of soap

Adventures in Soapmaking

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In which we tackle the dark art of soap making You can actually see the little bits of coffee grounds and cocoa powder in the soap. Share This!

What’s that we hear?

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Let’s talk about what we’ve been listening to, shall we? That is all for now! Until next time, Krissy Share This!