See what happens when a public library invites us to do our thing.

So, we’re a little behind on things. When life gets going, you have no choice but to lace up your shoes (or slip them on or Velcro them) and go along with it. Such is the case these days. Now with that said, we’re going to backtrack to way back when. We’re going to go all the way back to National Library Week. Did you know such a thing existed?  This is year it was April 14-20. Naugatuck Valley Community College was kind enough to host a bookbinding event with us for students and other people affiliated with the college. We had eight people, which was a nice, comfortable crowd to work with. Dennis led the group in a coptic binding session. I jumped in when I could to help, took pictures, and wandered off from time to time to scope out some of the library’s cool posters. They have this saucy number hanging over one of the desks. I miss the Enrique Iglesias one they used to have.

Workshop at NVCC

This is the group getting their coptic binding on. We had a couple of people show up a little late. Also missing from the photo is Jaime, the acting library director, who had to step out from time to time to help library patrons contemplate world domination.


Dennis teaching workshop at NVCC.

This is Dennis leading the group while wearing a blue v-neck shirt and sitting on a spinny chair. High five if you can spot the B-52s CD behind him.

Overall, we had a wonderful time and met some really nice people who didn’t throw stuff at us. That’s always a plus, since I don’t know too many people who enjoy getting assorted crap thrown at them.

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