November 2012

Preparing for the holidays

What Do You Do In Preparation For The Holidays?

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The holidays are officially upon us. Of course, this year, retailers really wanted Christmas to be before Halloween, but they’ve yet to be able to alter that pesky thing we all know as the calendar. Share This!

In Honor of Black Friday

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Bookbinding as a Hadcraft by Manly Banister

Bookbinding as a Handcraft by Manly Banister: A Book Review

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If you’re anything like me, you like to do things on your own time and at your own pace. I started bookbinding in 2011 because Krissy and I were getting married and needed a guestbook that wasn’t boring and ugly. I’m not one to throw around words like “art” or “artist” and “fine art” practically [...]

Get out and Vote this Tuesday!

Happy Election Day!

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Happy Election Day! We hope that you have taken the time out of your schedule to vote today. If you’ve voted today (or early if you live in an early voting state) then awesome! Good for you! If you haven’t voted, then booo. To thank those of you who have exercised your right to vote [...]

Get out and Vote this Tuesday!

What Do you Say We All Go Vote Tomorrow?

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Go Vote Tomorrow. Please. It’s Monday, and nobody likes Mondays. Your weekend is over. You’re back to work. You probably have stuff to catch up on. You’re totally not looking forward to the next five days of this, right? But this Monday is special. This one is a little different than most Mondays. You see, [...]